Treatment Groups

Our IOP is a skill development program. Clients must be in the IOP in order to participate in the following treatment groups.

    • DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a treatment program which is research proven to increase client confidence in safety and improve life functioning.
    • Behavioral Activation Behavioral Activation (BA) is a treatment to help people understand the factors that exist in their lives that might be causing their problems and to make specific behavioral changes based on this information.
    • Treatment planning Treatment planning involves setting weekly goals by identifying their priorities, specific action steps, and potential obstacles. This group helps each individual set their intentions and schedule for the week.
    • Stress management This interactive group gives clients the opportunity to learn constructive, positive methods to cope with stress. Self-assessment and awareness, deep breathing meditation, visualization, aromatherapy, and yoga are just a few of the activities the clients experience and are encouraged to practice at home.
    • Wellness The wellness group offers instruction in healthy lifestyle changes including the core elements of the program: nutrition, exercise, sunlight, meaningful activity, social involvement, and sleep.
    • ACT Group “ACT” is an acronym that stands for “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.” ACT is a well researched behavior therapy which promotes freedom from suffering through learning to experience feelings, thoughts, and sensations, fully, and without defense.
    • Health and Fitness This group includes a variety of fitness activities with personal trainers. The group is offered at our facility as well as utilizing a local fitness center that is adjacent to our offices.
    • Addictions Group  The addictions and recovery portion of this program focuses on personal resilience and accountability. Each meeting includes addictions education with information about patterns of substance use, risk factors for maladaptive behaviors and very clear recovery pathways.