Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to be seen by my outpatient therapist and psychiatrist?

Yes, we encourage our patient’s to maintain a relationship with their outpatient providers while attending IOP. We work in coordination with your other treating providers to ensure that they are up to date on your progress in the program and to ensure that you have support for after discharge.

How long is the intensive outpatient program?

Our program has a 12 week curriculum. Typically patient’s stay 6-8 weeks. This all depends on the individuals needs as well as insurance coverage.

What are the hours of the intensive outpatient program?

Our program is Monday through Friday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm MST.

Are you able to help with paperwork to take a leave from work/school?

Yes, we can help you with any documents that you may need to take a medical leave from work and/or school.

After I complete the program, can I continue to receive any services from the Wellness Treatment Center?

Yes, the Wellness Treatment Center offers an avoidance group and a monthly aftercare support group.

Does insurance pay for these services?

Yes, insurance often covers intensive outpatient programs. Please call our office at (303) 777-0303 for general information or contact your insurance for detailed benefits.

Do you coordinate treatment with my healthcare provider, i.e., family doctor or internist?

Yes. We will provide records to any provider that you would like.

Do you treat people with serious problems?

Yes, we work with people who have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. We are mainly focused on mental health issues and do not focus on substance abuse issues.

Do you work with individuals who have a history of trauma in their lives?

Yes. The Wellness Treatment Center’s program is an excellent adjunct to moving from being a victim to being a successful survivor.