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When You Feel Like Giving Up

Have you had thoughts of giving up? Do you ever want to end the pain? When these difficult thoughts keep resurfacing, it’s helpful to remember that you’re not alone. At Wellness Treatment Center of Englewood, CO, you can find ways to improve your life that can help alleviate painful feelings. Our caring staff is ready to assist you in your journey towards hope.

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them come an endless list of things to do and ways to spend money. It doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed. Many people struggle with depression and anxiety during this season. Left unchecked, these feelings can cause a crisis that could spur on thoughts of suicide. To derail that train of thought, it’s great to have a plan in place ahead of time. Here’s an easy place to start.

5 things you need to do immediately if you are struggling with dark thoughts:

  1. Reach out – have a list handy of 3 people you trust who will be there for you. Give one of them a call. Or, call the Colorado Crisis Hotline at 1-844-493-8255 to talk to a professional crisis counselor.
  • Take a break – don’t do anything drastic right now. Distract yourself by going someplace else, talking to someone, engaging in an activity, or taking a walk. Make a promise to yourself to not act on your suicidal feelings for a week and put some distance between your thoughts and your actions.
  • Nourish yourself – treat yourself to a healthy meal with plenty of fruits and vegetables and a lean protein. Get some sunlight to add a dose of Vitamin D. Take some vitamin and mineral supplements. Avoid drugs and alcohol – they will have the opposite effect of helping you feel better. Also, limit caffeine and sugars.
  • Remove temptation – have a friend take away any guns, knives, pills or other objects that may be dangerous for you. Avoid music, friends and places that reinforce negative feelings and feelings of isolation.
  • Focus on the physical – your muscles may be tight and your breathing shallow if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Try relaxation techniques such as stretching, meditation, yoga or massage. Or, try an upbeat cardio activity to engage your body and to distract your mind. Visualization techniques or controlled breathing exercises are another great way to calm your heartrate and to focus on the positive.

Isolation is not good for you during this vulnerable time. Find ways to be with others and to reach out for help. Help is readily available from the professionals, such as the intensive outpatient program with Wellness Treatment Center, when recommended by your physician. No matter how you are feeling, there are always people who care about you and who want to help you. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Remember, you are not alone.