Wellness Treatment Center - Breakfast


We’ve all heard it – the importance of eating breakfast every day – whether you are an elite athlete, someone overweight and trying to lose weight, or a teenager who likes to sleep in.  Still many people skip breakfast every day using every excuse from “I’m just not hungry in the mornings” to “I don’t have time.”  So what is the “real deal” on the importance of breakfast?

Eating within two hours of waking up helps your body metabolize glucose (blood sugar).  Maintaining proper glucose levels has significant effects on one’s overall health and may help prevent diabetes and weight gain.  Essentially, when you don’t eat breakfast you are fasting for 15-20 hours.  As a result, you’re not producing the enzymes needed to metabolize fat.  Also, some people find themselves overeating and binging at lunch time or later in the day to compensate for not eating breakfast.

Research on eating breakfast and its overall effect on health is actually complicated than the media would have you believe.  There are some people who can skip breakfast and still lose weight.  But the Wellness Treatment Center believes that eating breakfast is an important part of the six elements program.  Jump start your day with morning sunlight and breakfast fuel to keep you feeling calmer yet more energized, and more focused and able to concentrate!

The best type of breakfast is lean protein and fiber.  You don’t have to sit down to eggs, bacon, and toast every day.  Instead, have a smoothie with yogurt and fruit.  Put some protein powder in your coffee.  How about a banana with some peanut butter?  And there is nothing wrong with eating a bit of that left-over brown rice and chicken for breakfast.  Breakfast food does not have to be traditional breakfast food.  Just think about fueling your body with wholesome food – stay away from the processed foods and the sugary donuts!  Keep the donuts as a rare to never treat.  Your body and brain will love you for it!