Wellness Treatment Center - Depression

Depression symptoms decrease meaningfully in University of Denver study on Wellness Treatment Center’s treatment program.

university of denver

Researchers at the University of Denver are conducting a study on the effectiveness of the behavioral health treatment program provided by the Wellness Treatment Center. While the study is currently in progress, initial data suggest that patients’ depression symptoms decrease meaningfully from the beginning of treatment to the end of treatment. In fact,

patients’ depression scores begin to show improvement after only 4 weeks of treatment! The ongoing research study will continue to follow participants after they complete the Wellness Treatment Center’s intervention program to determine whether treatment effectiveness is long lasting. Additionally, the research study will expand its focus to examine whether treatment also meaningfully reduces anxiety and/or improves overall patient well-being. Our initial results are exciting, but the researchers at the University of Denver hope to be able to provide even more answers about the effectiveness of the treatment at the Wellness Treatment Center in the future.