Dr. Louis Bruno has been the Medical Director of three mental health centers including the Wellness Treatment Center. The Wellness Treatment Center represents the most recent effort by Dr. Bruno and his staff to develop more effective treatment modalities for people whose lives have been affected by serious mental health issues. This program brings together some of the most well-established treatment tools along with an integrated wellness program allowing clients to move from disharmony and crisis to happier, healthier lives.

Dr. Bruno is also Medical Director of Community Care Corporation, a licensed community mental health clinic in the state of Colorado since 1980. Under his direction, Community Care Corporation has become highly respected both locally and nationally in the treatment of severe and persistent mental illness, including people who are dually diagnosed. Utilizing a unique community support treatment model integrated with a wellness philosophy, he has been very successful helping people learn to lead a normalized and productive life.

After devoting much of his career to this effort, Dr. Bruno has presented at many national conferences and training sessions to teach his treatment approaches and philosophy.

Dr. Bruno is accessible at our Englewood office, which is just south of Denver, Colorado.