Meghann Thompson is the Program Director of the Wellness Treatment Center. She has been with the Wellness Treatment Center since 2019. Meghann has been working in the medical field since 2005. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (BSHCA) from DeVry University and is also a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) through the AAPC. Meghann has managed several different clinics in different specialties over the years including mental health, radiation oncology, ophthalmology, and physiatry. Meghann has extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of managing a medical office and extensive knowledge and experience in medical billing. Meghann also has experience as a pharmacy technician and took a psychopharmacology training to learn more about psychiatric medications. In her free time, Meghann enjoys spending time with her Boxer Remington, exercising, spending time in the mountains, traveling, and spending time with friends, and loved ones.